Friday, 30 September 2016

Visiting the art collections Vass and László Károly

After an intense day at work with sunny weather in the hotel garden, we visited some very important art collections of the local House of Art (, located in the old town of Veszprem. The museum director Mr. László Hegyeshalmi accompanied us through the most important Hungarian collection of Concrete Art from the 20th and 21st century, collected by Mr. Vass. 
Later we saw the special show Fajo and an exhibition of the slovakian artist Viktor Hulik Geo Mover and other extremely interesting art exhibitions.

Kristina Kanaan, artwork: Riitta Turunen, On and beneath the surface (1997-2016)

Museum director Mr. László Hegyeshalmi, Geo moover exhibition

Tobias Krug

The director Mrs. Viktoria Herth led us through a part of a very comprehensive collection of artworks in all styles of the XXth century. These were collected by László Károly and are being exhibited in the castle Dubniczay together with other different exhibitions.

Dierk Engelken, Harald Thaler and Charles Gatt

In the Antiquarium Utas és Holdvilág we followed an artist talk between the director Hegyeshalmi László and the young artist Péter Hatala about his work and career. The artists of the Frequenzen group had the opportunity to talk about the origins and the actual work of the group. 

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