Sunday, 25 September 2016

Frequenzen Symposium 2016 in Veszprém, Hungary

The Symposium 2016 of the EAG Frequenzen e.V. began in Veszprém, Hungary on September 24 and lasted until October 2.

We auger success and enjoyment to all the participant artists.
This year’s Symposium was organized by Zoltán Debreczeny and his creative team.

Participating artists:
Zoltán Debreczeny, Hungary
Dierk Engelken, Germany
Charles Gatt, Malta
Heiner Hofmann, Germany
Kádár János Miklos, Hungary

Gábor Szabó, Hungary
Kristina Kanaan, Germany
Tobias Krug, Germany
Harald Thaler, Germany

As guests from Hungary:
B. Hegedüs Piros
Baumann Béla
Hatala Peter
P. Kovács Peter

Have a look at the SYMPOSIUM PROMO

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