Monday, 26 September 2016

Sunday sept. 25: spontaneous artwork in the courtyard of the castle Dubniczay open to the public

Heiner Hofmann, president of the Art group, and 
Debreczeny Zoltán, management of the symposium in Veszprém

The visitors can see the exhibition, enjoy the show and get to know the artists

The Frequenzen artists are:

Szabó Gábor, János Miklós Kádar and Zoltán Debreczeny, painter from Hungary

Dierk Engelken, painter, from Germany
Kristina Kanaan, painter and sculptor from Germany

Heiner Hofmann, painter and sculptor from Germany

Charles Gatt, painter, from Malta

Tobias Krug, painter, from Germany

Harald Thaler, sculptor, from Italy

Zoltán Debreczeny in his gallery Iráskép Galeria

Friday, 6th october - Vernissage

At 6.00 pm the opening is held by the Governeur of Misericordia Signor Gabriele Brunini, the mayor of Borgo a Mozzano ...