Friday, 7 October 2016

Final photo shoot and exhibition

Saturday, Oct 1: 
This morning we had the photo shoot of our artworks with the photographer Béla Baumann in the Árkossy Interior factory. 
We would like to thank Mr. Árkossy and Béla for their friendly and creative collaboration.

Charles Gatt

Kristina Kanaan

Harald Thaler

Szabó Gábor

Kristina Kanaan

János Miklós Kádár

Heiner Hofmann

Artist: Tobias Krug, 
here from left with Heiner Hofmann, Zoltán Debreczeny and Harald Thaler

In the afternoon we showed our artworks to the public at the Betekincs Hotel garden and spoke about the past and future of our group. 
We are proud to have grown and worked for 25 years to connect Europe by meeting and working with artists and people from different European countries where we hold our Simposia.

In the evening some of us went to the Stadium to watch the famous Veszprém Handball Team play against Schaffhausen. Another part of us went to the Hangvilla to a Benefit concert organized by the psychological help Organisation "Horgony" (Anchor- a psychological patients charitable foundation). 

We met in the Hangvilla piano bar to pas our last evening together and bid farewell:
"Goodbye! See you soon in Rosenheim in Germany, where we will organize the next Frequenzen meeting!!"

Short trip to the Balaton lake and visit of the Europa sculpture park

Balaton lake

Friday, Sept. 30
After finishing our artworks we went to the famous lake Balaton and visited the Europa sculpture park with international sculptures and the Vasút Art Járó in Balaton Almádi (an underpass with printed pictures of local artists, among others from our member Zoltán Debreczeny).

Friday, 30 September 2016

Visiting the art collections Vass and László Károly

After an intense day at work with sunny weather in the hotel garden, we visited some very important art collections of the local House of Art (, located in the old town of Veszprem. The museum director Mr. László Hegyeshalmi accompanied us through the most important Hungarian collection of Concrete Art from the 20th and 21st century, collected by Mr. Vass. 
Later we saw the special show Fajo and an exhibition of the slovakian artist Viktor Hulik Geo Mover and other extremely interesting art exhibitions.

Kristina Kanaan, artwork: Riitta Turunen, On and beneath the surface (1997-2016)

Museum director Mr. László Hegyeshalmi, Geo moover exhibition

Tobias Krug

The director Mrs. Viktoria Herth led us through a part of a very comprehensive collection of artworks in all styles of the XXth century. These were collected by László Károly and are being exhibited in the castle Dubniczay together with other different exhibitions.

Dierk Engelken, Harald Thaler and Charles Gatt

In the Antiquarium Utas és Holdvilág we followed an artist talk between the director Hegyeshalmi László and the young artist Péter Hatala about his work and career. The artists of the Frequenzen group had the opportunity to talk about the origins and the actual work of the group. 

Working in the Garden Bistro of the Hotel Betekints

Today the TV crew of Regina TV came to visit us while we were working. In the evening we admired the studio of our Hungarian guest artist Piros B. Hegedus and later we enjoyed a homemade hungarian dinner in her house.

Heiner Hofmann
Péter Kovács
Kristina Kanaan

Charles Gatt

Dierk Engelken

Tobias Krug

Zoltán Debreczeny

Péter Hatala

Harald Thaler

Atelier in Veszprém: Piros B. Hegedüs
Piros B. Hegedüs

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Visit at the Herend hand made porcelain factory

Herend porcelain factory 

Today we visited the world famous Herend hand made porcelain factory with an exclusive guided tour by the chief designer Tamás Ákos. We had the unique opportunity to have an interior look at his 39-years of retrospective creative work in his studio.

Herend Chief designer Tamás Ákos

For our member Tobias Krug, it was especially interesting since he himself was trained as a porcelain painter for three years. For us, as his fellow artists, this meant that we could see these works under a different and more intense light.
Frequenzen group

The visit was given an extra touch by the taste of a traditional wild deer goulash at the residence of Károly Bodor family, manager of the company Ihartü. Our Frequenzen artists Heiner Hofmann and Harald Thaler have been working with this company for years since it provides the acacia wood that they use for their world-famous interactive sculptures:

In addition, the organizer of the symposium Zoltán Debreczeny drove us to the 6000 large interior designer factory managed by Tamás and Emese Árkossy. There, we were also able to look behind the scenes and arrange a photo session in his showrooms for our emerging works here in Hungary.

The guest artists from Hungary

As every year the Frequenzen Art group welcomes some guest artists. 

Most of the photographs are taken by Bela Baumann, others by the Frequenzen members. 

We are pleased to present you:

Baumann Bela, Photographer, from Hungary

Kovacs Peter, Painter and sculptor, from Hungary

Piros B. Hegedus, Painter, from Hungary

Hatala Peter, painter, from Hungary

sunday, 30-6-2019

we explore the working spaces and prepare the public workshops