Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Symposium 2019 in Le Rocher d'Ongles, France - "Libres Bal(l)ades"

J'Ongles Art and EAG Frequenzen e.V. meet in Le Rocher d'Ongles for the Art Symposium 2019

The artists' group

from left to right - from down to up:
Sabine Meyer, photographer - Ruud Bergkotte, clay works - Myriam Blaustein, sculptor - Hennie Waalwijk, clay works - Isabelle Martin, sculptor - Ulla Lutz, sculptor - Kristina Kanaan, sculptor - Robert Engl, sculptor - Michel Auzas-Mille, painter - Jean-Pierre Dupont, painter - Dominique Jouve, sculptor - Heiner Hofmann, sculptor - Elias Kanaan, sculptor - Frédérique Maillart, sculptor - Kathrin Sommer, painter - Nadine Auzas-Mille, poet - Harald Thaler, sculptor - Agnès Brun, management and organisation - Gilles Brun, sculptor - Charles Gatt, painter - Ans Barillé, glass works - Carmen Garcia, illustrator - Edith Schmid, clay works

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