Thursday, 19 October 2017

Sunday, 1st october - where we are


The Frequenzen group is visiting Lucca and Pisa:
we get in touch with our working environment

In the historical wall of Lucca:

Hans Verdujin, Kristina Kanaan, Zoltan Debreczeny, Gabor Szabo, Janos Miklos Kadar, Maren Marie Mathiesen, Harry Thaler

Charles Gatt


labyrinth of the Lucca cathedral

Dome of Lucca
Zoltan Debreczeny and Janos Miklos Kadar

Sculpture of Igor Mitoraj
Hans Verduijn and Tobias Krug

Dome of Lucca
Tobias Krug

Charles Gatt, Hans and Jessica Verduijn

Streets Of Lucca
Charles Gatt

The Tower of Pisa
Janos Miklos Kadar, Zoltan Debreczeny

Dome of Pisa
Janos Miklos Kadar, Zoltan Debreczeny, Gabor Szabo

Tower of Pisa
Maren Marie Mathiesen

"Icaro Caduto"
Igor Mitoraj

Gabor Szabo,Janos Miklos Kadar, Maren Marie Mathiesen, Charles Gatt

Dome of Pisa
Harry Thaler

Tower of Pisa
Tobias Krug

The Dome of Pisa
Tobias Krug, Harry Thaler, Heiner Hofmann

Friday, 6th october - Vernissage

At 6.00 pm the opening is held by the Governeur of Misericordia Signor Gabriele Brunini, the mayor of Borgo a Mozzano ...