Friday, 7 October 2016

Final photo shoot and exhibition

Saturday, Oct 1: 
This morning we had the photo shoot of our artworks with the photographer Béla Baumann in the Árkossy Interior factory. 
We would like to thank Mr. Árkossy and Béla for their friendly and creative collaboration.

Charles Gatt

Kristina Kanaan

Harald Thaler

Szabó Gábor

Kristina Kanaan

János Miklós Kádár

Heiner Hofmann

Artist: Tobias Krug, 
here from left with Heiner Hofmann, Zoltán Debreczeny and Harald Thaler

In the afternoon we showed our artworks to the public at the Betekincs Hotel garden and spoke about the past and future of our group. 
We are proud to have grown and worked for 25 years to connect Europe by meeting and working with artists and people from different European countries where we hold our Simposia.

In the evening some of us went to the Stadium to watch the famous Veszprém Handball Team play against Schaffhausen. Another part of us went to the Hangvilla to a Benefit concert organized by the psychological help Organisation "Horgony" (Anchor- a psychological patients charitable foundation). 

We met in the Hangvilla piano bar to pas our last evening together and bid farewell:
"Goodbye! See you soon in Rosenheim in Germany, where we will organize the next Frequenzen meeting!!"

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