Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Performance of HEINER HOFMANN and CHARLES GATT during the EXPO opening

soundtrack 1: Miles Davis - Summertime

Image 1

In harmony with nature and our music we approach the river and  the endless space of the desert.
The time we spend with music  is so beautiful, yes, jazz has reunited us and determined our live. Life is beautiful in harmony with nature and our friends. 

Image 2

You can feel it in the air. Power and greed have taken over, the treasure hunting in our life which is translated into nothingness is driving us into the hands of power-hungry vultures. The big bang is happening.

Image 3

Mothers and fathers are assassinated, greed doesn’t know brothers and sisters, best friends - all enemies.
An eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, persecution and torture - WAR!
The yellow flags are up! Away, away, away! 
We only want to live and make music!

Image 4

Heavily burdened with the weight of flight, the past is lost - I see no future. Hunted and persecuted, I escape towards the cities and the destroyed villages. But the ferryman is ruthless and has no scruples. He takes the money and sacrifices the lives of others.

Image 5

Full of hope on the boat of promise, tired of living but full of self-respect I still strive for a better future. But the sea doesn’t drive me towards new shores. For days and nights I resist the waves, the wind and the storms, but hunger and heat take away my urge for living. From a distance I hear the sound of the bells of my new mother country, but vigour and strength abandon me.
In the end we only wanted to live and make music.

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